BSR is acutely aware of the necessity for providing error-free and consistent naval architectural and marine systems engineering support services and deliverables to NOAA in order to obtain maximum efficiency and output from all task resources. For each task, on a day-to-day basis, these objectives will be achieved through two fundamental factors:

(1) The concentrated efforts of a strong and experienced BSR Project Manager and the Principal or Senior Engineer assigned to each task, and (2) checks and balances built into our project team organization. A brief description of these two factors is presented below.

The BSR Project Manager will receive all incoming Task Order Assignment Records/Abstracts of Task Orders to assure completeness and understanding of NOAA's needs. These will be transmitted to the assigned Principal or Senior Engineer in the form of written direction. These individuals will closely review, monitor and supervise all work while in progress at each site on a daily basis. Periodic and random quality assurance reviews will be made by the BSR Project Manager to detect and promptly eliminate any errors and inconsistencies that may inadvertently arise during performance of a task. The BSR Project Manager will act as the COTR's primary single point of direction to task personnel to prevent any miscommunication, confusion or wasted effort. All task labor and material expenditures will be reviewed by the BSR Project Manager at least weekly to assure adherence to plan. Each task’s Principal or Senior Engineer will immediately identify and report to the BSR Project Manager any personnel or resources that contribute to errors or inconsistencies and prompt remedial action will be taken.

The Principal or Senior Engineer assigned to each task will also carry the burden of responsibility for their own work (and for those under them) and will perform quality assurance as a normal part of their ongoing efforts. Additionally, the BSR Project Manager will prepare periodic performance appraisals on all project personnel under his direct supervision on a per-task basis. NOAA can be assured of high quality work through the combination of all of the foregoing factors.

Prior to a deliverable being sent to the COTR and TPOC the program manager will ensure that any calculations and/or drawings will have been reviewed and signed off by a team member of equal or greater experience and qualifications to ensure accuracy, completeness and conformance to requirements. If necessary, depending upon the complexity of the task, checklists will be available to NOAA personnel for review. As a minimum, title blocks will be signed by the originator, a checker and by the program manager responsible for final approval.

Specifically, the elements of our Quality System delineate the following additional quality assurance and control activities that will be applied or implemented for each task.

  • Responsibility for detailed examination of each deliverable.
  • Procedures for detailed examination, review, correction and final certification of each deliverable.
  • Verification (including training credentials) of personnel performing all quality reviews and
  • Identification of criteria to be used for quality reviews of deliverables including quality assurance
  • Identification of criteria to be used for quality reviews of deliverables, including quality assurance
    checklists, where/if applicable, for drawings, specifications, calculations, engineering reports, etc.
  • Procedures to ensure conformance to Task Order specifications and directions.
  • Methodology for incorporating and updating applicable regulatory and design standards (e.g., ABS
    Rules, USCG CFRs, USPHS Codes, SNAME Design, Test and Trial Codes, etc.).